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Softgoods Design & Prototypes

and Graphic Design

Since 1997

Founded by Industrial Designer Ron Theis, Pharaoh Design provides innovative, practical solutions with attention to detail, manufacturing techniques, and manufacturability.

Years of designing softgoods, strong knowledge of construction, and a solid manufacturing background gives you peace of mind knowing your final product is ready for production and customer satisfaction.

“I like things simple.  A product should be easy to produce without sacrificing the intended function and design.

But while it’s important to design for manufacturing, the end user is always first.  Products that consumers like, naturally sell best.

So, easy-to-use AND easy-to-manufacture

make for an attractive combination.”

That same philosophy carries through in our Graphic Design work as well.  Proficiency in Adobe software (Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign) along with pattern-making skills that include AutoCad, all combine for a well-rounded skill-set.

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